Jordan: “Lewis wants out”

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Former team owner turned TV personality Eddie Jordan says he thinks Lewis wants our of McLaren. The never-lost-for-words Irishman said he thinks there is no chemistry left with Lewis and his team after Hamilton was branded a liar by the race stewards and some people in the press.

‘I believe Lewis wants out of McLaren,’ said Jordan, now a television pundit. ‘There is clearly no chemistry between him and his team.’

Has this lying episode tainted the relationship? Should Lewis look for another team? Will Ron step back in to take the helm of the team and calm the fears of his prodigy? Time will tell but Martin is suggesting he isn’t going anywhere nor do I think he should. McLaren has had its share of phenomenal drivers over the years but the team has remained the same and Martin has done more for McLaren than Lewis, or more importantly Anthony Hamilton, ever will. The same could be said of Dave Ryan and the media’s reaction to Ryan suspension is very telling of just how effective Anthony Hamilton’s political wrangling and press conference move have done to endear Lewis to an already cooling public.

Jenson Button has proven himself a well-spoken and charming representative of the UK and perhaps his success coupled with Lewis’s gaffs are starting to turn the tide of praise. Even the most ardent fanboys are not as full of bravado as they once were for Lewis and the conventional wisdom seems to suggest that Anthony Hamilton’s heavy-handed routine with his sons career is starting to leave some cold as well. I’ve said it until i am blue in the face and have been accused as racist, hater, pathetic Yankee and so forth…I’ll say it again; Lewis needs a proper manager and Matt Bishop needs to get control of the situation immediately.


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