Just a Doctor… the story of Gary Hartstein

I happened to notice a story on Joe Saward’s blog about a video that former F1 medical rescue coordinator,  Dr. Gary Harstein, did recently telling his side of the story about his departure as the replacement for Professor Sid Watkins as Formula One’s doctor.  Joe embedded a video by Mario Muth in his post and I have done the same below.

As Joe points out the particulars and Gary tells his side of the story regarding his dismissal, I know many of you recall the screeds he had on Twitter when he learned of his predicament. At the time, not knowing Gary, I was a little surprised by the tone even if he felt put upon by Jean Todt and the FIA. Perhaps this video explains his anger for those of you who felt the same.

[vsw id=”UBXWbTuNEl8″ source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

What do you think? Was Gary fired because of his Bahrain position or his Twitter account? I recall thinking at the time that, I do not recall anyone leaving the FIA and having quite the same reaction publicly about the organization. Gary seemed very angry and perhaps we will understand more completely where that anger came from thanks to Mr. Muth’s video. tip of the hat to Joe for posting it.

Mario’s website.

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