Just Say It! Lewis is better than Senna!

Lewis Hamilton

Why tiptoe around the issue? Why suggest or infer anything at this point? Why wait until this young man has had multiple championships to start suggesting he may equal Senna or even Schumacher?Why would we wait when we all know he is the greatest driver in F1 history? He is in the top 100 all-time greats list already (top 10 to be exact) and on the great rain-driver list. He has an oracle for a father/manager who is not opportunistic or anywhere near over his head in trying to be a sports manager and a team that has held his hand since his early teens. He has an”equal” teammate in Heikki who seems to have had all kinds of bad luck this season only to overcome and put the car in the points like a real champion and gotten rid of a two-time champion in which he could learn because frankly; he doesn’t need to learn anything from Fernando Alonso…he already knows it all.

He is the second coming of Fangio, Senna, Prost, Stewart, Clark and Schumacher. The REAL deal who can win adulation even if he doesn’t start his engine. An enigma with multiple endorsements for millions having won nothing save a handful of races. Ralf Schumacher achieved more in F1 than Lewis has yet that isn’t important. Ralf has a rictus and Lewis doesn’t.

I sense the young man is going to implode because he has a horrible sense of false humility that a 3-year old can see, his father is completely out of touch with what a real sports manager should be doing (see Turkey for justification of this) and he’s disingenuous and only digs deeper holes each time he speaks. Listening to radio chatter, you can tell his ego is bigger than most demigods and before we start suggesting it’s F1; all drivers have egos…let me remind you that Jimmy Clark, Jackie Stewart, Graham Hill and other greats, this young man is supposed to be better than, had more decorum, integrity and professionalism worthy of a champion.

Contrary to what the rest of the world believes, this kid does not handle himself well. He is young and immature. His dad is not knowledgeable enough or professional enough to see what he or his son is doing to his career. Lewis never misses a chance to talk about me, myself and I and only after saying that; he realizes that he is supposed to be humble and then throws a few accolades to his team. At Monaco, he realized all his talk about how well he did in letting the team know he had hit the wall and how that won him the race was bit over the top; he then proceeded to heap praise on the team in the most false of styles. So much so that he sounded like a NASCAR driver. You can even see the light bulb go on in his head when his “humility switch” is pressed. It is not a natural state for Lewis.

I hope he wins the championship this year. I hope he does it for Ron and McLaren. In fact I hope he does it so we can all get on with F1 and start making sense of real drivers like Lewis’s teammate Kimi, Alonso, Massa, Kubica, Vettel and all the other drivers who don’t need British media hype to create a career for them. Drivers who stand on their own and don’t need comparisons to Senna to sell papers or put spin on their careers to cover the most obvious of shortcomings. Sorry, but when I think of terrific British drivers; Lewis is not one of them yet. Nige, Graham, Damon, Anthony Davidson, Jenson Button, Sir Jackie Stewart, DC and the unequaled Jimmy Clark are real British drivers who deserve the praise they have received. Lewis is no where close to that class of British driver yet. He’s very, very talented and terrifically quick but this is only his second year. Perhaps he will go on the be the greatest F1 driver ever. That is if he, his father, McLAren, News of the World or the British media don’t destroy him before he gets there.

Just my opinion but the rest of the world is guilty of making me form it. So there!

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