Justice Eady on Mosley

Perhaps Justice Eady says it best.  I am not that interested in Max political and litigious wrangling about the privacy he should be afforded while engaging in sexual activity.  Puritanical I am not.  What I am more concerned with is the lack of rectitude in his judgment and the position he holds as representing the sport I love.  Anyone this daft shouldn’t be in charge of the worlds most prestigious sport.  Justice Eady, while awarding Max his case using a suspect law in my opinion, has also issued a statement on Max’s behavior.  I think he says it quite well:

“Many would think that if a prominent man puts himself, year after year, into the hands (literally and metaphorically) of prostitutes … he is gambling in placing so much trust in them.

“There is a risk of exposure or blackmail inherent in such a course of conduct.

“To a casual observer … it might seem that the claimant’s behaviour was reckless and almost self-destructive …

“It could be thought unreasonable to absolve him of all responsibility for placing himself and his family in the predicament in which they now find themselves.

“It is part and parcel of human dignity that one must take at least some responsibility for one’s own actions.”

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