JV back on track? As much fun as everyone has had poking fun at JV; could the champ be back on pace? Could he turning the corner and putting the BAR past behind him?

Nick has outperformed all his teammates, including Kimi, and yet this year it seems JV has hung right in there even scoring points last week. Of course Nick blew up but…

So the question is; is he back? Peter Sauber, former team principle, thinks he is:

“Now, he reminds me of when he entered F1; he is nearly the old Jacques again. I was very pleased to see him score some points,” Sauber told the sports magazine Kicker. “Even last year, I was of the opinion that someone who can win a world championship does not forget how to drive.”—Source GMMCAPSIS International

I agree that a person capable of winning a WC does not forget how to drive. Perhaps JV knows this is his last chance and is putting everything he has behind it. He drove to a terrific WC even despite MS trying to punt him and has hung in there. If there is one understood in the F1 world; it is the state of mind factor. I argue that this is what Ralf suffers from—a state of mind that is constantly thinking, win! Some times Ralf can be a fast as anyone on the grid and other days, he seems to be in a different world mentally. Perhaps the bum advice and suspect management of JV has run its course and he has shed the past to show the world what he can do. Then again, maybe the last chance saloon in his mirror was scaring the heck out of him.

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