In yet another diatribe about his former nemesis; JV seems to have figured his parting shot was all that is left.  As brought to you by F1 Magazine, the home of the redoubtable BISH, JV explains his thoughts on MS.


“Michael simply isn’t a great champion because he’s played too many dirty tricks and because he isn’t a great human being,”
“Yes, Senna played dirty tricks too but he did it with more class, more integrity. When he took Prost out at Suzuka in 1990, he said he was going to do it before the race”.
“So, unlike Michael, who ridiculously insisted he was innocent at Monaco this year, Senna said, ‘Yes, I did it. But I told you before the race that I was going to do it.’
“Senna wasn’t lying to the fans. Michael was. And the sad thing is that, of course, the fans accept it – they swear black is white, in fact – just so that they can go on respecting the sport they love. And Michael takes advantage of that loyalty.”
Here is a thought; instead of just leaving and being a complete sour-grapes kind of guy; why not tell us before you leave that you are a sour-grapes kind of guy and make a complete spectacle of yourself in the process.  No on will question your integrity if you announce that your being a jerk before actually do behave like a jerk.  Thanks for the philosophy, exciting races and childish rants JV; you’ll be missed…but not from Michael Schumacher.  No, he’s still racing in F1 and breaking records; no time to miss JV.

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Bitter Much JV..hows that Speedcar Series going?