As reported by ITV; JV seems miffed at the lack of offers. He explains:

“Villeneuve’s two-year contract with BMW is up at the end of the season, and when asked if he would like to continue in F1 beyond 2006 he said he would, but his options are limited.

“Yes. Who with? Right now? No idea,” he told in Monaco, where he finished 14th.
“It’s going well here [at BMW], but no one has yet told me that this means they would like to keep me for next year. It would be a shame if it did not carry on.”
Villeneuve has so far outqualified his highly-rated German team-mate four to three in 2006, but the 35-year-old claims some of his career achievements now count as “negatives” in contract negotiations.
“Being quicker than my team-mate now, having won the world championship, raced for pole positions, seems to be a negative to get a contract,” he said.
“It’s a strange situation.”

Like all of JV’s problems in the past; he is the least common denominator. If outpacing your team-mate and winning a WC is not enough then perhaps it is money or overall attitude. Just a hunch.

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