Kamui Kobayashi, please Google “Kurosawa”

Heading into his home race, Kamui Kobayashi gets the “Secret Life” treatment by Formula 1, and you will not be surprised that there are some gems to be found. Thank you, Kamui, for having a personality and not being able to count. (You’ll see.)

Here goes:

Q: Whom do you most look forward to seeing when you arrive in the paddock on a Thursday?
KK: The car – I’m always waiting for an update. And I have a look around what others have brought.

OK, so we all know Sebastian Vettel names his cars. This must mean Kamui does, too, right? Where is Maurice Hamilton when you need him?!

Q: Who is your dream date?
KK: There is nobody really. Probably it would be me, on holiday, without phone and internet…

I’ll just say I’m glad he explicitly says he’s without the Internet, or I’d have some worries. Say no more, say no more.

Q: Which film has made you cry?
KK: The Shawshank Redemption, the prison film with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman. For years it’s been considered the best film ever made. I’m sure I saw it five times.

Kamui, I know you use the Internet (see an answer below), so do me a favor and Google this: “Akira Kurosawa.” Get back to me after some time with Netflix. I mean, seriously. Shawshank?

Q: What are you afraid of – and why?
KK: 2012. According to the Maya calendar something dramatic will happen on our planet.

Sounds like Kamui will be gunning for the drivers title next year.

Q: Name five things that you hate?
KK: Carrots, cold, dirt.

Best. Answer. Ever.

Q: Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
KK: I have four tattoos. They don’t have a deeper meaning – I just liked the design. I am always curious about things, always have to try new things.

Q: What did teachers say about you in your school report?
KK: He is a very sporty pupil, but he’s not so much into studying.

While the rest of the Western world is getting Japanese tattoos that usually translate into “I’m a tool” or “I love pumpkin beer,” Kamui eschews that. He’s his own man. Also, he was a “sporty pupil.” I have zero idea what that means.

Q: What do you miss most about home when you are on the road?
KK: My bathroom.

Q: What was your worst buy?
KK: I cannot tolerate alcohol, but many times I order five or six bottles of champagne in a restaurant. And I used to buy a lot of clothes.

I’m right that these two answers are related, right?

Q: What was the first car or machine that you drove?
KK: A Toyota when I was 18 years-old. I bought it even before I had my driving license.

Kamui, check your contract. You aren’t with Toyota anymore. You don’t have to do the good employee thing for them at this point.

Q: What is the best thing you can cook?
KK: Everything. You name it and I am sure I can cook it – even without any experience. We have the internet and the internet shows you anything. I have cooked in the motorhome for a number of people.

Kamui, instead of Googling your next recipe (I bet you’re stocking up on Mexican dishes), type in “Akira Kurosawa.” Seriously.

And how is there no answer involving his hatred of sushi?

What’s everyone’s expectations for him at his home race?

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