‘Keep Fighting’ launched on anniversary of Schumacher’s accident

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December 29th will mark the anniversary but not a good one. It will be three years since 7-time Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher had his skiing accident that has left with severe head injuries after falling and hitting his head on a rock even though he was wearing a helmet.

The Schumacher family have started an initiative to help inspire others to “keep fighting” which was a mantra of Schumacher’s as a racer and now, in rehabilitation. The mantra served Schumacher well propelling him to become the most successful F1 driver in history and now his son, Mick, is following in his father’s footsteps in racing.

As for Schumacher’s recovery, the news is and will remain sparse by design.

“Michael’s health is not a public issue, and so we will continue to make no comment in that regard. This is also because we have to protect his intimate sphere,” manager Sabine Kehm said in a statement.

“Michael has always been very protective of his privacy, even during the most successful times of his career. He has always made sure there is a clear and distinct line between his public persona and his private one.

“We are now celebrating the loyalty of the fans by a range of initiatives, including exhibitions, social media and now ‘Keep Fighting’. Most of the fans have expressed their appreciation and have embraced these initiatives.”

‘Keep Fighting’ will be managed by Schumacher’s office on behalf of the family.

Kehm said it hoped to “spread the belief that giving up is not an option, a message that is valid not only in motor racing. In this way we hope to turn a terrible event, which affects the whole Schumacher family, into something positive.”

It is a sobering and radical change of what normal is to any family that has ensured such hardships but it is with a sense of hope that F1 fans the world over will view the Schumacher’s plight an attempt at inspiring other to keep fighting.

Hat Tip: Reuters via Alan Baldwin


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Schumi Toronto

I still can’t fathom it but in my heart, keep backing the champion thatbhe is …

Michael Schumacher is mine held!

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