Kenseth wins Daytona 380

Daytona rain-hundred
Matt Kenseth has won the Daytona 500 after a light rain stopped the race and the red flag was flown. Apparently NASCAR felt they had raced enough and called it with Kenseth in the lead.

Tragically it was shaping up to be a decent race until the rain. Make fun of F1 all you want but I’ll take less overtaking and a full race thank you. F1 may be a bit processional at times but they do turn right and they do know what rain tires are.

In my opinion, this years 500 is a shinning example of everything that is wrong with NASCAR and in a weakened economy, you would think they would be hell-bent to put on a good show to get fans to part with their limited cash for tickets. But, they saw fit to call the race. NASCAR, if they want to remain relevant, must find a way to deal with the competition cautions, staged racing that is orchestrated and rain. I realize that 190 in rain is not safe but like F1 learned more a century ago, rain is a grand equalizer. It prevents cars from doing those speeds and exposes real talent. That will be the only NASCAR race I watch this year unless something major happens or I am desperately bored.

in all honesty, I wish America would find someone to carry WRC…it would be a much better show.

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