Key to Ascanelli’s move to Ferrari


I was scanning James Allen’s site today and noticed he had some details on possible mid-season moves that don’t involve racing drivers. As we mentioned earlier, Giorgio Ascanelli seems to be on his way out at Toro Rosso and was absent at the German Grand Prix. According to James, Ascanelli will be heading to Maranello to work with his old pal, Pat Fry.

Ascanelli is one of the men I really have come to appreciate over the years. A former Benetton engineer, Ascanelli was responsible for the car that won Sebastian Vettel’s first victory at Toro Rosso and is considered a first-class guy. things aren’t working very well at Toro Rosso this year and perhaps it is a better move for Giorgio to be back with Fry and at Ferrari.

The other move James mentioned was the vacated place that Ascanelli leaves at Toro Rosso and that role could be for James Key. You’ll recall James left Force india for Sauber and then abruptly left sauber at the beginning of the year. Key was an important element in getting Sauber stabilized in their post-BMW operation as Allen points out and he’s also a well-known entity up and down the paddock. It will be interesting to see what impact Key might have on Toro Rosso for 2013 given the pace of the 2012 Sauber.

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