Kimi: Ferrari will win

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Look who is positive Polly all of a sudden! Kimi Raikkonen seems to have become quite the proponent for Ferrari of late with comments in the press about the success of Ferrari and positive outlook for the rest of 2009. I am wondering what Ferrari have you done with the real Kimi and where they are hiding him. This new, positive Kimi must be a clone or look alike. Fess up, what have you done with our Kimi?

“I wasn’t too happy with the third place at the Monaco GP. For sure it was the best result of the last times, but that was nothing new to me and we knew that we could arrive on a place on the top,” said Raikkonen.

“When the leaders in the championship are so far ahead in the classification, in the end it’s only a victory that counts. Being back on the podium is a nice reward for the whole team. The hard work of the last weeks finally bears some fruit, which is really positive for all of us.

“We know that we’re on the right way now: there are still some minor things to be done but sooner or later we will win.

“We’ll show up with further improvements of the F60 in the upcoming races and we hope we can then challenge the leaders even more, in the qualifying and in the race.”


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