Kimi: If rallying were easy, everyone would do it

OK, Kimi ghost writer naysayers, we have a second Jordan Rally blog post from our former F1 world champ, and I dare say it sounds a bit more like the Kimi Raikkonen we know and love.

First though, the part that probably deserves to be the news: Kimi clearly leaves open the possibility he will return to Formula 1:

The way I see it is that for now I’m a rally driver so I’m not thinking about the past or the future, even though people keep asking me. Obviously at some point I need to take a decision about what I do next, but that won’t be until the second half of the year at the earliest. Everything is possible, but I need to know how I will get on in rallying before I take any decisions. For now I have only just started and so far I am really enjoying myself.

If he’s continuing improvement behind the rally wheel is any indication, perhaps we won’t be seeing him in F1 next year or after.

Although he had another little spin during the final stage on Friday, Kimi moved from 10th to eighth place.

Sebastien Loeb is in front, clear Citroen Junior driver Sebastien Ogier by about 26 seconds. Mikko Hirvonen had a bad enough crash that he is out for the weekend.

But back to Kimi, since, as Grace would point out, we are an F1 site.

Here’s part that I thought sounded like Kimi:

“Having said that, it’s still very tricky for me. I’ve got a whole new style of driving to learn and a completely different way to set up the car, as well as finding out how to get the best out of the pace notes. There’s a lot of information to soak up in not much time. But I suppose if it were easy, everyone would do it…”

Yeah, and if it were easy to dress like a gorilla, everyone would. And if it were easy to fall off a yacht… wait, that is pretty easy.

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