Kimi looks at Rallying

Kimi Raikkonen has been hit from all angles lately with the Photog shoving incident, falling child episode and all of the retirement/Alonso rumors.When pressed by Auto, Moto und Sport, Kimi says that rallying could be in his future but he is not feeling pressed for a decision.

“I have time (to decide),” he said.

“Why I should hurry? I have a contract for 2009 which I will fulfill despite all the speculation. I always keep my deals.”

“I won’t get bored,” he said . “When I stop Formula One, I intend having fun by running in other series.

“At some time I want to try rallying. That interests me; asphalt, gravel and ice.”

“It’s difficult to say, because I have never done a rally seriously,” he said. “On asphalt I would probably be okay but on gravel I have no experience. And having a co-pilot for me would be difficult. I am not used to that.”

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