Kimi qualifies 3rd in GP3 car…sort of

Kimi Raikkonen would have qualified 3rd for the GP3 race at Circuit de Catalunya with a 1:34.780 set during a test of the Koiranen GP3 car Friday. The Finn has a few friends and two of them happen to be Afa Heikkinen and the team owner, Marko Koiranen.

The team were testing different tire compounds in the quest to increase overtaking in the series…sound familiar? Kimi said:

“I wanted to test the GP3/13 because my friend Afa Heikkinen has a team [Koiranen GP] in this Series and I have been closely following their progress and results since the beginning of the season,” Raikkonen said.

“I was curious to see how the car handled and it was actually fun to drive. There were a few issues regarding its behaviour, but we managed to solve most of them.

“The GP3/13 is a very good tool for young drivers, especially when you have to learn about tyre management like we have in F1.”

You can follow the team @koiranengp on Twitter to see the latest pics of Kimi in the car. No doubt having Kimi in the car would be a massive help to the team. Not just to help with tire degradation and performance but the overall performance of the car. Does this count as a secret Pirelli tire test for Kimi?  I JOKE!!!

Keep in mind that these are the sort of things that big teams don’t allow their drivers to do willy-nilly. He could have gotten hurt and Lotus F1 seem fine with it. Will he get that kind of freedom at Red Bull or Ferrari?

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