Kimi Raikkonen not going anywhere just yet

Didn’t want to miss the quote this week over at Sky Sports F1 via CNN from Kimi Raikkonen about his future at Ferrari. With all the talk of Sebastian Vettel coming and Alonso leaving, some are wondering where Kimi stands on this issue. Well, here’s what he’s thinking:

“I have a contract for next year and probably for one more year,” Raikkonen told CNN. “But I’m not a young guy anymore.

“I want to do something more with my life than just Formula 1. I will finish my career in Ferrari. I never lost the passion. I will stop the day when I feel I don’t enjoy it anymore.”

I did read somewhere that he would like to do more NASCAR and World Rally after leaving F1 but he didn’t mention WEC so we may not see Kimi and Mark Webber together again fighting it out at Le Man although I would love to see that.

What do you think? Many of us felt that Jules Bianchi was the logically next pilot for Ferrari but tragically that may not be an option now. Is there someone who you feel would be better placed than Kimi to team with Vettel?

Hat Tip: Sky Sports F1


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