Kimi Raikkonen To Retire This year

As rumors flowed through the champagne-stained streets of Monaco regarding Fernando Alonso to Ferrari, another rumor has emerged to play straight into the hands of “silly season”.Two German news outlets have ran stories suggesting that Kimi Raikkonen is not thrilled with the pomp and circumstance of F1 and will not renew his contract after this year. Is this a case of truth or just a rumor mill making room for the Fernando to Ferrari suggestions?  As with all silly seasons, you have to take them with a grain of salt but I would not place bets on either of these stories to be true or false.  Both have some chipped-away filings that could be sharp.  Although the use of the word “friend” could be very suspect at this point.

“Kimi loves the driving and hates everything else about formula one,” one of Raikkonen’s apparent friends is quoted as telling TZ.

“The public appearances, the life under the spotlight — he doesn’t have the desire anymore,” the unnamed friend reportedly added.

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