Kimi retirement rumors persist

Given the recent photog shoving match and his apparent lack of pace so far this weekend in Germany, rumors are persisting that Kimi’s heart isn’t in it anymore and that he may very well retire at the end of this year.  There seems to be some frustration, they say, in the Fin that is serving these rumors.

Now I don’t pretend to know Kimi’s heart and if he really isn’t that interested anymore, then he should do what he wants to do.  That having been said, Kimi is a brilliant race car driver and I am starting to take exceptions to the press desperately heaping retirement talk in an effort to project Alonso a home and the ability to say “we were right”.  The only thing I have heard from Kimi is that he intends to fulfill his 2009 obligations at Ferrari.  Only time will tell but it will be a shame to lose him if he leaves the series.

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