Kimi says Ferrari ready for upgrades Friday

Ferrari has been setting respectable times during testing and with today’s 6th fastest, some wonder just how much ground the team has truly made. With all respect to each team on the grid, the conventional wisdom would say that Mercedes will have found ground too and this doesn’t bode well for a competitive 2015 season but anything can happen, right?

The monosyllabic Kimi Raikkonen seemed to be in a chatty mood today as he says the team will sport some new kit this week that should move the car forward:

“More or less the car is the same,” he said. “We can get some, but not for today, hopefully for tomorrow.

“I think it’s not too bad, really, how the car behaves.

“There are certain things that we want to improve – and we want more grip obviously, always, to go faster – but sometimes it’s a bit tricky here with the conditions that we are having.

“If the tyres don’t work – one lap they work, next they don’t – it changes a lot.”

Raikkonen is careful not to get too hopeful nor too down about his 2015 challenger but he does feel they’ve made good progress from last year which one would hope is the case since 2014 was the worst in 21 years.

“We’ve made a good step from last year. It’s hard to say from testing, but two weeks will tell us once we’re going in Australia,” he said.

Fair enough, teams are bringing more of their 2015 kit and tweaks and perhaps this week, our own Dave Mortimore’s test reports will start to reveal the true pace of these cars prior to heading off to Australia.


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