Kimi to get a ‘talking to’…think he cares?

Lotus will speak with their drivers after the Indian Grand Prix incident that saw Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean nearly collide in the waning laps. As Grosjean was quicker with newer tires, Raikkonen made life complicated for the Frenchman to pass and nearly collected them both forcing Romain wide and off the circuit.

Team boss Eric Boullier says he will speak to both drivers and felt:

“Kimi is a competitor. He is racing everybody and I can understand this,” said Boullier.

“But when you are racing in certain conditions, you are racing and I am fine with that. When the tyres are dropping off and you are two seconds off the pace against your team-mate you try not to make a drama of this.”

The simple fact that there are three races left and Kimi is headed to Ferrari next year, one has to consider Raikkonen’s interest in any discussion over the matter. Notoriously detached from F1’s politics and from Lotus F1’s communication with him, he may simply say, “leave me alone…I know where I’m going”.

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