Kimi’s issue? Doesn’t like Monaco

Kimi Raikkonen ended his Monaco Grand Prix early on as he clouted the wall at the hairpin but he then hobbled the race for Romain Grosjean as well and just had a bad weekend in general.

Ferrari’s Maurizio Arrivabene says that they view last weekend as a one-off and it basically because Kimi doesn’t like Monaco:

“Every driver that I have known in the past has a track that he doesn’t like and Kimi doesn’t like Monaco, even if he won once here,” said Arrivabene.

“We need not to complain about Kimi but to accept that his race was over early.

“He is pushing to always do his best for the rest of the season.”

Now, let’s be fair here, he may not like Monaco and a driver does have their favorites but before you burp out bile on the Finn, you have to admit he does well at Spa and that’s a track he likes.

Having said that, your vitriol isn’t completely misplaced as a driver of his caliber and a Ferrari driver no less—we know the pressure that brings—should be able to manage all the races not just some.

He’s probably not alone in his dislike of Monaco to be honest but I’m not sure any other teams are going to prop that up as a reason to discount what they expected from their driver over the weekend. Maurizio is a forgiving soul if he’s okay with Kimi’s phoning it in in Monaco. Wonder what Sergio Marchionne thinks about it?


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Peter Riva

Remember a few years back as Kimi cliped, JUST, the armco going around picine? In a racer who always takes the tightest lines (I am not saying that’s a good thing or bad) Monaco must be really difficult.
Hey, maybe Le Mans will be great for Kimi?
Meanwhile, the fire and steady pace he shows is good for Ferrari until they can secure (wait for it…. Wait for it…) the wonder teenager, now what’s his name, oh yeah, the plucky teen Verstappen.

Meine Postma

But.. but.. didn’t the plucky teen also crash many times in Monaco?


He’s also set to stay at Red Bull for the next three years.


I don’t really understand why everyone likes Kimi so much. He’s got a terrible work ethic, is always negative and is a bit of a prima donna. Whatevs.


Has Maurizio been taking media lessons from Lewis?
Way to throw your driver under the undertray, Mo!
He has just lined Kimi up for a screed of media and ‘fan’ abuse, no ways is ‘Kimi can phone it in because he doesn’t like the circuit’ acceptable to anyone in the Ferrari team or in the Tifosi.