Kohl Kirkland’s indi: Two championships; the point?

If there is one thing that always seems to be present in motor racing its gimmicks. In Formula One we have the F1B favorite skip-a-step tires or KERS. In NASCAR we have…well all of it. And in the Indycar Series we have two pointless championships.

Instead of spending time doing something worthwhile, the witty folks in the thinktank at the IRL office came up with yet another idea to confuse the public. This isn’t like in F1 where the constructor’s title actually means something or in the ALMS where class’ actually have a point. What have we achieved with this irrelevant dual championship idea? We now see the domination in the sport more evidently. We have yet another championship to keep track of besides the ones for Indycar, Champ Car, CART, and “open wheel.” It’s hard to take a series serious that installs all sorts of cheap parlor tricks a la multiple tire compounds, 10HP push-to-pass, and two senseless championships.

Thankfully we now have all of the road courses behind us for this year, the misery of watching Sonoma and Mid-Ohio was enough*. With the close of that we see Will Power take the coveted Road Course Championship by a narrow margin of 105 points (insert kazoo sounds here). As we approach the final 3 races, all 3 ovals, we are blessed with something of a close race on that title with a margin of 30 points covering the top 5. Anyone excited by that? Buehler?

And on to the 3rd championship, that one with all the points together and the big shiny trophy, you know that one. In that race we see Will Power with what seems like a comfortable lead of 59 points over Dario “Mister Sauve” Franchitti and the rest of the field far from contention. Now this is where it actually gets interesting considering that Willy P’s best finish on all of these tracks combined is a 5th meaning that Dario still has a very reasonable chance of catching up. Will it come down to a race long duel between 3 people for the crown like we saw last year? No. Is it better than 2 dinky little championships that don’t matter whatsoever? Hmm…

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