Kolles confident of Campos in Bahrain


With 16 days to go until the first race in Bahrain, new Campos Meta team boss Colin Kolles feels confident they will make it to the grid. In a recent ownership restructuring with Jose Ramon Carabante taking control of the Spanish team, it seems that Kolles was brought in to “clean up the chaos” as he puts it.

Assisted by ex-Red Bull man Geoff Willis, Kolles believes his drive will ensure their presence on the grid:

“It is very tough but we will make it because I never give up,” Kolles told Autosport. “We will have the cars in Bahrain and we will be running. This in itself will be pretty much a big achievement.”

I like personal confidence and that’s about what it will take to get the cars on the grid. If I am a betting man, which I am not, I would say Kolles is the man for the job. He has a history of running smaller operations on limited budgets and succeeding in that endeavor.

While Bruno Senna is the confirmed driver, rumors place USF1 driver Jose Maria Lopez or Karun Chandhok, the 26-year-old former GP2 driver, as the second driver for Campos. Although the team may make it to Bahrain, it remains to be seen just how competitive they will be with zero testing this winter.

Stay tuned…

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