Kovalainen: ‘Clearly not happy’

Heikki Kovalainen may be implying that he can match Lewis Hamilton’s performance next year and while I admire his enthusiasm, I think it will be difficult to find the dedication from the team to actually get the best race strategy or best setup data or best car/parts in 2009 as the unmentioned and unofficial #2 driver at McLaren.

“I’m clearly not happy, certainly not with the results,” Kovy said “I think the fact is I didn’t make any big mistakes this year, but the season was quite difficult.

“We didn’t finish all the races, there were also some things happening with me, and with my car technical issues that prevented us from a few results. But I think I’m much better prepared now for next year, and I’m looking forward to starting work for next year.

“Hopefully we can finish more races, without any problems, and get some better results.”

He may be able to match Lewis but it won’t be in a McLaren I fear.

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