Kovalainen has more to offer

Maybe it’s just me but I find Heikki to be a very mature and well adjusted guy.  My hunch is that McClaren may have a champion alright but it may not be who we’re all thinking it’s going to be.  Here is hoping Kovy can show up this weekend and start his march for the title now.

“I am sure there is more to come, and I am improving more and more,” Kovalainen told reporters at Monaco.

“It has been surprisingly good since the beginning of the season, but I think I can do better. I am sure I can do better. That is our target and that is what we are still working on, trying to improve the performance all the time.”

“I am very, very happy working here, and I know a lot more now than what I did at the beginning of the year – like how things operate, and how the race weekends go,” he said.

“There will be more to come, that is for sure, but it is little by little. To be honest I was surprised over the winter how I got used to this car and used to this team – it is my type of environment here. I feel I have settled in here very well.”

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