Kropotkin & Hayes: The Best In MOTOGP

I have been trying to learn about MotoGP and have been pleasantly surprised by all of the terrific racing action and off-track drama. Having said that, Grace has been a terrific tutor on this series for me. That being said, I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to thank Kropotkin at and Bob Hayes at

These two guys have been a real friend to F1B and I must say that we are indebted to your mentions, presence and kind words. While in some small fashion, let this be our attempt at repaying you for your undeserved generosity toward

If anyone is interested in MotoGP and has not added these two gentlemen to your bookmarks and subscribed podcasts; do so immediately. I have learned a tremendous amount about the sport they love by frequenting their sites and consider them the foremost voices in this sea of MotoGP. There are other sites but none as insightful and informative as these two.

Thank you David and Bob; I am humbled by your kind words and indebted to you both.

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