Kubica casts doubt on Grosjean

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New 2010 Renault driver Robert Kubica is already starting off the year with some controversy. With speculation abound regarding the retention of Romain Grosjean (Big John), Kubica said this week that Renault were looking at several options for the second seat at the beleaguered team. Including a seasoned driver. Ouch.

Not a good time to be Romain Grosjean and getting smacked down by a new driver who isn’t even on the payroll yet. That’s it Robert, way to influence people and win new friends.

“I think there are a few names who are quite experienced that Renault is looking at for next year,” he told reporters ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix this weekend.

“I will not try to have any influence on my team mate for next year. I have my personal preferences but this is only because of private personal relationships,” he said.

“I know some names Renault is taking into consideration. I will be happy to welcome each of these names.

“The team and myself are looking for a strong driver to have a good team, and I hope Renault will choose the best one.”


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