Kubica: Crazy one?

Robert Kubica has suggested he is still in the hunt for the drivers title. He also knows that it would be difficult to do but capitalizing on races like Spa could bring him closer than ever. Over the past few months there have been some, in my mind, uncomfortable moments at BMW where Robert seems nonplussed with his teams established goals(win a race in 2008) and the the lack of urgency to do more than just win a race this year. so much so that i was wondering how Dr. Mario would take this outspoken Pol’s comments as they seem antithetical to BMW’s formal position. It seemed, in Roberts eyes, that the team were holding him back from what clearly should be the goal. But BMW have had a logical, well-thought-out path to success and this year winning a race was part of that plan.

Impatient he may be, Robert is still setting his sights high for 2008:

“From my point of view it is very clear,” he said. “I am a racing driver and I am fighting for my best, and as soon as I am doing my best I am doing it for myself and for the team.

“It is clear that if I score eight points they go to the team and to my account, but maybe the priority of late for the team was a bit different from myself.

“That is why you get this feeling and to be honest I get a bit this feeling, that maybe I am the only stupid one or crazy one who is thinking about fighting for the championship this season.

“Until there is no chance I have to do it – and I hope the team is doing the same, and I believe they are trying. That is how it is.”

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