Kubica: F1 return not looking too good

Former Lotus F1 driver Robert Kubica continues to recover but in the process, he wins rally races. Autoweek caught up with Formula One’s favorite Pol and discovered that he’s healing but not at a pace he’d like:

“I was hoping that I’d be back behind the wheel of an F1 car soon, but it didn’t work out,” he explained to Autoweek magazine.

“The main problem is the mobility of my elbow and wrist.

“I had several operations that were meant to improve this issue, but there’s not been a spectacular improvement. I still find it difficult to move my right arm.

“If I can move my arm again, there is a chance that I will return [to F1] but, until that happens, we’ll have to see. There’s no chance of me coming back to F1 soon.”

Robert said he’s not interested in a one-off deal in rally either. If he commits to a rally series, he wants a long-term contract so he can learn and know where he’s headed in the future if he can’t make it back to F1.

It’s been said a million times but it’s a shame, he was really an exciting element in F1. Sort of a Kimi Raikkonen when the sport didn’t have a Kimi Raikkonen. He was darn fast too!

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