Kubica returns to racing…and wins!

Some very good news from the world of racing as recovering Robert Kubica entered and won the Italian Domestic Rally on Sunday. Kubica said:

“Let’s hope we can enjoy ourselves, without looking at stage times because in the end it’s a matter of re-establishing the way of driving and helping the arm to recover better,” said Kubica.

“Having been a driver for 20 years, my body is accustomed to certain things, and I can feel these things only while I drive, so we’ll see.”

Robert says his recovery stage has entered a more active phase and the rally was a first step. His goal is to return to Formula One but I suspect Kubica fans are elated with one, small step and seeing Robert back in the news and in good spirits. The challenge is Kubica’s wrist and the range of motion needed to drive a Formula One car. If the Polish driver should recover to a point of being able to drive an F1 car, it will be intriguing to see which team may be interested.

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