Kubica stays at Renault

According to BBC Sport, Polish driver Robert Kubica will stay at Renault after receiving clarification about the new ownership structure and resources available to the team.

Robert Kubica

When it was announced that Luxembourg investment group Genii Capital had acquired 75% of the team, Kubica’s manager, Daniel Morelli, was concerned about the details and said that they were seeking clarification on the matter.

It seems that clarification has been received and that Robert Kubica will stay at Renault:

“We are going in the right direction,” added Daniel Morelli. “There were no doubts, really, but it was very important we understood who were in the key roles in the team and of course also the budget – it is fundamental you have that for the updates to the car.”

Asked directly whether Kubica would now definitely be driving for Renault in 2010, Morelli said: “Yes.”

While I must admit that I was not privy to the rumors that Kubica was using the acquisition as a way of seeking more money, that doesn’t sound like the young driver if I’m honest. What does ring true is Kubica’s desire to know just how much capital the team will have for car development.

It was obvious that while at BMW Sauber Kubica was frustrated with the lack of continued car development in 2008 and again in 2009. I am sure in his mind that his career as an F1 driver has suffered from a lack of car development and Genii Capital’s investment would be crucial to know before deciding to stay.

As we mentioned in our first story on this issue, there was a clause in Kubica’s contract that allowed him to walk in the event that the team was not wholly owned bu Renault. Kubica used this opportunity to get comfortable with Genii Capital’s intent and resources just as any driver would do.

Let’s hope that Kubica’s willingness to stay is a sign, and a good one at that, that Genii Capital is willing to place serious cash for the program and that Kubica’s comfort level is a sign that the team will be at the sharp end of the grid in 2010.

The BBC article does suggest some concerns remain open. Kubica has not met the new owners or the new team principle and Morelli says the 2010 budget is reasonable but he is not sure where the money is coming from. There may be another side to this story and that is, what other ootions does Kubica have?

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