Kubica: Still not happy

Robert Kubica
Robert Kubica has had me a little perplexed over the course of the year.There is no doubt that this Polish driver is a talented young man and fully capable of winning races and hustling a car. What remains as a fuliginous air floating through my head is his ability to cavil at BMW’s lack of pace at each Grand Prix.

I am having a difficult time understanding Roberts stark criticism of BMW. I’ll admit it. When I juxtapose BMW’s performance and surge through the F1 field in little more than three years with Roberts harsh criticism, I become completely stumped. I mean hair-standing-on-ends stumped. If I had a lot of hair, I’d look like Sib Hashian circa 1978. That’s how stumped I am.

I can think of nothing but positive adjectives to describe BMW’s incredible rise in F1. Recently Dr. Mario Theissen admitted that they had two meetings with Robert to try and assuage any concerns he had with BMW’s lack of development this season. More to the point, their inability to keep up with Ferrari and McLaren’s development pace and enhanced performance.

I have always said I would rather have an employee I have to rein in than one I have to kick in the backside. Robert’s enthusiasm and desire to win is really an asset. I’m intelligent enough to understand that but what I am not enlightened enough to understand is his lack of patience. Winning Grands Prix ‘ain’t like dusting crops, boy! It takes time, strategy, money, people, skill, speed, determination, tactics, luck and the FIA in your back pocket…just kidding on the last one.

Dr. Mario has done everything he said he would do. He has taken a team from a supplier of lumps to the third best team on the grid and even won a race this year which was their goal. I think Dr. MArio has a terrific track record for doing what he says he will and should be trusted by not only BMW but Robert Kubica as well. I’ve been so distracted with Lewis Hamilton’s blindingly and fearsomely fast ego this year that I have failed to even recognize Robert’s ‘I am damn good and deserve a Ferrari right now damn it!’ diatribes. Robert…why resign with BMW if you are not convinced they can take you to the dance? Why not angle for a McLaren or Ferrari seat if life is so bad at BMW?

Just today, Robert spoke about the meetings with Dr. Mario and yet again, he’s not really a man that deserves to be in the presence of polite company in my opinion.

My view has not changed a lot,” said Kubica. “We did sit down but I think there was no top secret and no miracles in the talks. It was good to talk. But the situation was not really changed.”

Robert! Stop it! Shut the pie hole mate. BMW are a terrific team and have made a leap across mediocrity that the majority of teams who spend more have still not made. Give them a little bit of a break. You want in a Ferrari then go get in a Ferrari. Otherwise shut it and leave my boys from Bavaria alone. They are doing everything they can to make a championship winning team and Dr. Mario is the man who just may do that so as the hand is feeding you, don’t bite it my friend.

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