Kubica to Ferrari rumors picking up, but Massa’s one calm guy

Rumors suggesting Robert Kubica could end up in Ferrari red next year have been circulating for a few days, and even were a topic of conversation for Todd and Grace on this week’s podcast.

But nothing terribly solid was out there, making it a little tough to post.

Now, one of the central sources for Formula 1 news, the venerable BBC, has a piece up on the issue.

And there are two things worth talking about. The big one comes down to: Who would you pick, Kubica or Massa, if you were at Ferrari.

But first, I have to note that the BBC story never explicitly asks Massa about the rumor, or at least he never gives an answer that mentions Kubica or Renault. Kubica, on the other hand, does — a telling little detail. Either reporters danced around the issue with Massa (“Felipe, there are rumors your contract negotiations are stalled” or even “Have you started talking about your contract”) or he was cagey enough to offer up very general answers. On the other side, maybe Kubica responded to a general question about his future with mention of Ferrari.

Something to think about. But on to the meat:

Felipe Massa has said he is in no rush to sign a new contract with Ferrari, despite speculation linking Robert Kubica to the Maranello-based team.

The Pole has enjoyed a strong start to the season with Renault, prompting fresh interest from the Italians.

Massa is in the final year of his Ferrari contract but is content to bide his time as negotiations towards a possible new three-year deal continue.

“I am very happy with my condition and the way we are working,” he said.

“Even before my accident last year some talks started over a new contract and the talks have started again.”


Now Massa says he is focused purely on racing and not where his future lies as he looks to win his first drivers’ title.

“I’m not really in a rush to do that [sign a new contract],” he added.

“I’m in a rush to do better racing and to fight for the championship – that is more on my mind and the contract is something that I’m not in the rush for at the moment.”

Kubica, meanwhile, refused to discuss the reports linking him with a seat at Ferrari next year and said he is happy at Renault.

The 25-year-old is good friends with Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso and is currently seventh in the drivers’ championship – just nine points behind Massa.

“There were rumours last year about Ferrari and rumours this year,” Kubica said ahead of this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix.

“We will see. Up to now, the rumours have only been rumours. It’s too early to discuss. I don’t think for any seconds or any minutes about next year.

“I’m happy, everybody seems quite happy with what we’re doing.

“There are still things to solve and I hope we will solve them as quick as we can. It is not easy, but at least we are trying and that’s important.”

With Massa leading the championship, what could be fueling this rumor? His apparent hold-ups of Alonso? Grace’s beloved “Alonso clause?”

And, has Kubica really impressed you so much that he deserves to have his name tied to Ferrari. It seems like only a few months ago he was yesterday’s news… how quickly reputations can change in F1. (For instance, when was the last time you thought about Kamui Kobayashi?)

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