Kubica to leave Williams at end of 2019

Robert Kubica announced this week that he would not be returning in 2020 as a Williams F1 driver. This leaves an open seat at Williams and it may be the final seat that Nico Hulkenberg has a chance at getting.

Robert returned to F1 this year and knew it was going to be a bit of a challenge and although he gave the team its only point of the season, he has been beaten by his teammate, George Russell, comprehensively for the majority fo the season.

“I am looking for different opportunities, said Robert.

“In order to evaluate our opportunities, I have taken the decision that I will not continue more with Williams after this year, so I will stop at end of the year with the team, which is a decision I took and this opens up opportunities for me in the future in different scenarios.

“And now I will evaluate what is possible.”

Robert was a shining star in F1 prior to his accident and to be fair, he’s still a very good driver but perhaps in another series.

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The more cynical of us (me) might suggest that he never arrived, like we knew he wouldn’t.