Kubica to Renault

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If French paper Le Figaro has their story straight, Robert Kubica will be sitting in the Renault for 2010 season.

The French paper has Robert Kubica replacing Fernando Alonso at Renault in 2010 with teammate Romain Grosjean. Is it a good move? Kubica said he was looking for a stable team and perhaps we all felt toyota may be on shaky ground as the Cologne-based team has not had the official budget developed from the parent company in Japan yet. FAir enough, we told ourselves, because who would want to sign a deal with a team that is shaky at best. Why lock yourself in to a team like Toyota when the paragon of stability, Renault, wants you in their car? I jest!

Actually, this may not be a bad idea because if La Figaro is correct, where else would Kubica go? Although McLaren might be a good home for him I am not sure ron Dennis can get over the nose (hence his making fun of it twice on American TV) and perhaps Kimi Raikkonen already has a seat fitting?

Brawn might be a happy home but I don’t see Kubica fitting the culture there. The move to one of hte new teams is a gamble by anyone’s measure and Williams may have already inked a deal with Rubens Barrichello (or if they were smart, Nick Heidfeld).

So where would you put Kubica if you were his manager and why?


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