Kubica undergoes another surgery on road to recovery

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The recovery process for Robert Kubica has certainly panned out to be a long, difficult process as his doctors had originally said over a year ago when the Polish Formula One driver was involved in a terrible crash while participating in a rally event. Multiple surgeries and months later, Kubica seems to be on the path to recovery with a keen interest in driving.

Italian press ANSA says that Robert has undergone another surgery on his elbow to increase the range of motion and help him handle a steering wheel. Dr Roger Testoni, head of hand surgery at the Pederzoli nursing home, oversaw the procedure which replaced part of Kubica’s elbow:

“This way, the driver can fully handle the wheel,” Testoni was quoted by ANSA.

“Previously he was unable to turn the wheel down with has palm, and was forced to take his hand off the wheel for left-hand corners.”

According to the Testoni, Robert had been working on a simulator prior to the operation. As with most things related to Robert’s recovery, time will be the key and Dr. Testoni says it will take a month to stabilize after the surgery.



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