Kubica: Where to go?

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What prospects are there for Robert Kubica? He has every right to be concerned with his current Hinwill-based team as BMW are leaving the sport and no purchase, as far as the public knows, has been completed yet. He also has a high market value as he is one of the faster drivers on the grid. So where does he go? Edd Straw at Autosport ran a story about his chances in which Kubica said:

“Nobody can guarantee a quick car, but you can have a guarantee of maximum effort and motivation.”

“It’s difficult to judge which team will win races next year.

“You can have some idea because the teams that finish this year well would most probably have a good start to next season because the cars stay the same aerodynamically.”

He’s got a good point in that the cars will be mostly the same next year so a resurgent McLaren looks good, Ferrari are doing better and even Williams look good. Toyota are struggling to find pace on a consistent nature and Renault are equally struggling to move forward on the pace scale.

So where do you think Robert should go? Toyota’s Timo Glock said today that he is concerned about Toyota’s uncertainty so that may give reason for pause. Does Williams seem likely? Or would McLaren be better off wooing kubica over Rosberg or Sutil?


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