Kubica’s prediction; Nico’s predicament

Robert Kubica has echoed teammate Nick Heidfeld in suggesting that the new, massive, hideous front wing for 2009 will be a new thing for drivers used to putting their noses in places that require Paris Hilton-style rhinoplasty. The large front wing will present a new challenge says the Polish driver:

“It is very wide,” Kubica told Marca. “I’m interested to see how many front wings we’ll see flying around in the first race in Melbourne, I expect there will be quite a few incidents.”

Two thoughts come to mind:

a) When we hear a joke from Ron Dennis about robert having no room to criticize anyones nose including a car’s?

b) Will Williams F1 find a new line of credit or piles of cash it will need to make a truck-load of noses for Nico Rosberg? Just how many noses will Williams have to make to see Nico to the end of 2009?

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