Kvyat replaced by Gasly for Malaysia, Japan

It may come as no surprise for those fo you who were wondering how Daniil Kvyat got another shot at Toro Rosso for 2017 but as it stands, he will now sit on the bench why Pierre Gasly takes his ride for the next couple of races.

Toro Rosso boss, Franz Tost, said:

“Toro Rosso was established by Red Bull to bring youngsters from its junior programme into Formula 1 and that’s what we are doing by giving Pierre this chance.

“He is the next in line at Red Bull for this opportunity and he has shown that he deserves it, having taken the 2016 GP2 title and this year being very competitive in the Super Formula series in Japan.

“He really has a valid chance of winning the title, as he is only half a point behind the leader.

“The driver switch gives us an opportunity to make a more informed decision regarding our 2018 driver choices.

“For a variety of reasons, some of them due to technical problems, but others being mistakes of his own making, Daniil has not really shown his true potential so far this year, which is why we are standing him down for the next races.

“This will give us the opportunity to evaluate Pierre on track during a proper race weekend.”

Sure, they are known for giving young drivers a chance but that’s usually within the confines of a season, not on a race-by-race basis. Singapore didn’t help Kvyat’s cause and one would assume we’ve seen the last of the Russian in F1 but never say never, big backers and serious cash speaks volumes in F1.

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Ouch! Just when I thought the Red Bull Junior Driver programme had become less brutal, Tost and Marko strike! When you look at the list of drivers who’ve come and gone from the Junior driver programme, they’ve had less patience with many very talented drivers. So they must think that Kyvat has talent that he and they haven’t yet been able to harness. With Sainz off to Renault next season, and (according to Wikipedia) Gazley the only RB junior in a position to step into F, doesn’t that mean there will still be a seat for Kyvat in STR next… Read more »


He’s been brutally treated by Red Bull, but at least he’s had the chance even if all too often has blown it – there are many others who’ve had much less opportunity and have made more of it.

Sad, but inevitable.


Toro Rosso have a vacancy next year even if Kvyat stays, so there is no guarantee that this is the end for the Russian’s F1 career.