Kvyat says ‘no reason’ for switch to Toro Rosso

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I never thought there was going to be any fisticuffs in the driver press conference today between Max Verstappen and Daniil Kvyat but the move did catch the Russian off guard as he told the world:

“There was no real explanation,” Kvyat said. “If the bosses want something to happen they just make it happen. Simple as that.

“I feel like I did everything for the team, bringing in the points, doing development work.

“We’ve been working well together, so it’s a question for other people who made the decision and who can give a better answer to that.

“So I really don’t see any reason.”

Daniil says he doesn’t necessarily feel that the Red Bull director Helmut Marko or team boss Christian Horner are blocking his career in F1:

“You know, obviously, first hours after that of course you have been thinking a lot, and then the work started and then I fly to the factory, I see Toro Rosso people, which are very motivated and very hungry. And I’m now extremely hungry, and to be honest I don’t see it as blocking. You have to take the most positive moments now because actually there are a lot more positive moments now than anyone can imagine I think. I take it as a golden opportunity with Toro Rosso. And, like I said, I really like the team, I really enjoyed working with them, most of the people are still the same and I believe we can do a really good job. And then once the good job is done, there are more good opportunities to come. I think you always have an opportunity. I think you always have something to fight for”.

Max took the high road, which he should, and basically said he’s happy to have the opportunity:

“To be honest I’m very happy with the chance they have given me. I’m racing for a top team now, so that was always the plan what I wanted to do. And yeah, with the risk, to be honest I think it was a bigger risk to be so young in Formula One but I’ve handled it pretty well. From now on it’s just getting used to a new car, which is not easy in the season, but already with the things I’ve done in the factory, already they’ve given me a lot of confidence. Of course, a lot of procedures to learn again but it will come race-by-race and I’m definitely going to enjoy it”.

No fur flying, not hints and allegation but clearly Kvyat isn’t quite sure why he’s being sent down and while the team have explained it was due to being seven tenths off the pace of Daniel Ricciardo—a mighty measuring stick to be sure—we will have to wait and see if they do the same with Verstappen should he be seven tenths off the Australian’s pace too.

Hat Tip: F1.com


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I’m not one for conspiracy theories however, this sure smells to me. I sure hope, Vettel, and the almighty Ferrari (who has their most grandious team boss heading the FIA), had no bearing in this decision. I’m have a very strong feeling that this decision came down to money, and still the same old things that continue to plaque the sport. Kvyat DID NOT DESERVE THIS!!!, take a look at his performance with an underperforming car, and then fast forward to the last two incidents……..draw your own conclusions. Not cool man, NOT COOL!!


Now Kvyat is for the taking. Ferrari must replace Räikkönen eventually, and Kvyat will be interesting for them since he speaks italian, lives in Italy, and is also quite poular there.

Andreas Möller

While I’m always game for a good conspiracy theory, in this case I think the truth is far simpler. Christian Horner had this to say (from Jonathan Noble/Motorsport): “There was no positioning or pressure from Max’s side or management in any way.” He added: “Max is one of the hottest properties in F1 at this point of time, so it is only natural that other teams will be showing interest in a driver that is demonstrating his kind of ability and talent. “I think this move also kills off the driver market, regarding Red Bull drivers, certainly for the foreseeable… Read more »

Herbert Wormgoor

I tend to agree with this assessment. Red Bull wanted to secure Verstappen as he is the hottest item in F1. And better to do this in this (again in between) year, than next year when they might have a competitive car and need driver-stability. In addition: – Ricciardo wasn’t really challenged by Kvyat. And to get the most out of your cars, you need challenge withing the team: with Verstappen that gets a boost (imagine Ricciardo now: he could lose from an 18 year old….) – Sainz will be extra motivated as he feels he is as good as… Read more »

Paul KieferJr

I suspect that Kvyat knew there was a political component to this decisions (aka Verstappen).


Someone just posted this to Reddit – I thought it summed up the presser quite nicely…



Doesn’t look like Sainz is impressed with his new, or old team mates.
Alonso and DJ Hamilton are just loving the discomfort.
Who’s was the empty chair?????????


Magnussen – he was only asked one meaningless question (about tyres) over the 45 minute conference, so whoever made this picture decided to delete him & see if anyone noticed.

Also, Trollonso throwing popcorn :)


Full marks for Alonso when asked about his view: “They change the drivers?”

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