Las Vegas strip possible host for F1 Grand Prix

Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has always said that he’d like two or possibly three F1 races in America and now that New Jersey seems off the boil, our friend, Christian Sylt, says Las Vegas may have taken its spot as the next potential US race.

“Vegas say they are ready to go and it would be on The Strip for sure,” said Ecclestone.

The last time F1 tried to race in Vegas was back in 1982 in the parking lot of Caesar’s Palace and that ended in tears. Now, however, it seems Herman Tilke has made a few trips to Sin City to scope out a possible street circuit that would include the famous strip.

The constant flow of biomass in and out of that city is a good reason to host the race there in that you are surely to capture an audience just about any time of the day. It’s not lacking in accommodations and flights are usually relatively cheap from all over the continental US.

I have a friend who lives in Vegas and works for the county and he had sent me a message earlier this week asking if Indycar was coming back to Vegas. I had not heard anything about that but perhaps the rumors got a little muddled and it was actually F1 as a possible series returning.

Bringing Las Vegas back would more than likely balloon the calendar to well over 20 races—a limit that seemed to be the maximum the teams wanted to attend. Mexico, Baku, Russia and others have all added to the complication.

“In the end there’s a million countries that would like to have an F1 race but they can’t afford it,” Ecclestone said.

That may be true and this is all good news but I have one word of advice, don’t mess with Spa Francorchamps, Monza, Melbourne, Canada or Silverstone. Those are sacrosanct and go beyond just being able to afford it.

This will give the teams a good destination for magic shows and lounge singers and who knows, maybe Red Bull or Mercedes will dress the team up as Elvis impersonators. I think a night race would be good because it does get hot in the desert even though it’s a dry heat. As my friend in Vegas says, go stick your head in an oven at 200 degrees, that’s a dry heat to—and he should know, he works outdoors all summer.

Hat Tip: Independent.

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