Lauda: Alonso + Red Bull= trouble…Oh, and no big wheels for 2014

Mercedes man Niki Lauda says that REd Bull would be wise to avoid signing Fernando Alonso. The Ferrari driver was linked to talk with Red Bull at the Hungarian Grand Prix but Ferrari deny those rumors even though the president, Luca di Montezemolo, was publicly critical of Alonso’s behavior after the race with comments he made about the car. Some see this as a souring relationship and suggestions have been made that a get-out option on a performance clause could mean Alonso might move teams.

That’s a lit of assumptions and speculation to be honest but anything can happen in Formula 1. Auto Motor und Sport put the question to Lauda in a Q&A and while Google’s translation of the German language suggests a terse commentary on Alonso, I believe Lauda may simply mean that having Vettel and Alonso at the same team would be very difficult to manage.

Lauda also feels that Ferrari are under tremendous pressure and that if the chance is there, they should hire Kimi Raikkonen to balance the Alonso equation and give him a real test from a former world champion as a teammate… a 2007 world champ with Ferrari no less.

Tires in 2014

Toward the end of the article, Lauda also offers some news that the FIA have made a decision regarding Pirelli’s request to make a wider and taller tire for 2014. According to Niki, the FIA have scuttled the request and says that the teams are too far along in the development cycle to start monkeying with the tires shape and sizes…I am paraphrasing drastically here.

Seems logically as Lauda says the last thing they want to do is change the tire specs this late and then end up in Australia with their thumbs in the bums again trying to figure out what’s went wrong with the tires. It is perfectly logical but I will be honest, I’d like to see F1 actually use a tire size that’s more in keeping with current motorsport design. Something like Le Mans LMP1’s use for instance. Who actually uses a 13″ wheel anymore? My tires are much larger than that.

Now before I get on a rant, there are safety reasons and speed reasons why the FIA might not like the idea much. An 18″ wheel and tire flying through the pitlane for instance. Then again, F1 have some seriously smart people and a re-think on wheel connectivity, crash safety and technology might be a good thing…even for road cars.

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