Lauda backs Mosely budget cap

Niki Lauda, the first name on the Rolodex for a Rent-a-quote, has backed the FIA and Max Mosley on their proposed budget cap for 2010. Lambasting the teams for not signing the new Concorde Agreement and actually forming FOTA as “foolish”. The bombastic former F1 champion is never at a loss for words but as for wisdom…that’s debatable. Niki says the budget cap makes a lot of sense to him:

“most sensible thing I have ever heard in my life”.

“All the teams asked for this,” the great Austrian explained, “and now suddenly Ferrari is on the other side. It’s totally stupid.

“I see it as a blessing that Mosley and the FIA are so brutally and mercilessly implementing this. The measures are completely reasonable because the 40 million is just for the cars, purely for the technology.

“The drivers’ salaries and all the marketing activities are all to the side, so in the end the teams will still have budgets of between 80 to 100 million (euros),”

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