Lauda: Hamilton has no Charisma

When it is a slow news day one of the major sports journalism outlets flips through their Rolodex and calls Niki Lauda up for a quote, sound clip or comment. Seems today is no exception.

Yes Niki was celebrating his 60th birthday and had this to share regarding today’s drivers…and his list of friends.

“Back then, death was always an option. Today’s chaps have no idea,” Lauda said in an advance excerpt of the interview published by Austrian Times.

“They drive go-karts until they turn 18 and then start their formula one career. They know nothing apart from accelerating and handling the steering wheel.

“They haven’t got a chance to develop a personality. The only kind of charisma someone like Lewis Hamilton has is his (pop singer girlfriend) Ms Scherzinger.”

As is evident from the blunt nature of his conversations, Lauda confirms that he still has the same number of friends today as in the past — none.

“That is absolutely true,” he said. “There were no doubts about that while I was active, anyway — everyone was ready to roll over someone else’s head to win.

“You have to be a loner to have success in motorsports,” Lauda added.

Gee Niki…with friends like you, who needs enema’s?

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