Lauda: Hamilton ‘lied’, ‘destroyed’ his room

If you were one of the Formula 1 fans who were thinking, “wow, Nico is losing it under the pressure and throwing the toys from the pram like a petulant child” over the cap spat in Austin at the USGP last year, then perhaps this might have you chuckling on the other side of the aisle.

According to Mercedes non-executive chairman, Niki Lauda, Lewis Hamilton’s recent revelation about how well he and Nico are getting along was a lie. Not only that but that Lewis destroyed his driver room in the Mercedes suite in Baku:

“Lewis lied about that,” Lauda said on Servus TV. “Simple as that. He just said something. He wanted to be the softener in order to have his peace last weekend.

“He does what he can. The fight gets hotter the longer Nico is in front.”

Lauda said that Hamilton had a bit of a temper tantrum in Baku in which he “destroyed” his driver room.

“He did it because he crashed,” the Lauda said. “He’ll have to pay for it, you can count on that.

“He told me I couldn’t come in because he was going to destroy everything. This is how it was.”

Clearly the cap spat was a tangible sign that Nico had reached his boiling point with Lewis after being punted at turn one in the race and losing the title but obviously Nico’s lead is getting to Lewis but it must be said, you haven’t seen much of his frustration in public yet…until now.

Something tells me that Mercedes and Toto Wolff won’t be happy that Niki shared that with the world and I have a hunch this will not reflect on Lewis but garner a lot of vitriol for Lauda at the thumbs of the #TeamLH mobocracy on Twitter. That’s how they roll. I defended Lewis this weekend in Austria and still got messages of hate claiming I didn’t defend him enough…uh, ok.

It’s an interesting time to start airing dirty laundry of Lewis’s on Niki’s part to be honest. The team are not happy with the Spanish Grand Prix nor were they happy with Austria. They are on the brink of calling team orders and even Sir Jackie Stewart says they should have. If you’re Nico, though, don’t you play this up a bit? If you’re Lewis, you’ll play it down but for Nico, he knows Hamilton will most likely be facing a engine change penalty and perhaps he could hire a maid to show up at the motorhome to clean up after Lewis. I JEST!

Nice to see Lewis channeling his inner Keith Moon though. Maybe Lewis could have the Who logo on his helmet in Silverstone and laugh it off. If he’s frustrated, he’s actually done a decent job of composing himself publicly. On the flip side, Niki has sure added to the drama and “show”.

Hat Tip: Sky Sports F1

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Paul KieferJr

I knew this was going to happen (not necessarily in this form, though). You’ve got two Alpha Males battling to be the lead dog in the pack. How much longer will it be until blood gets shed?


I have NO idea why Lauda would choose now to say this? Perhaps because within F1 its simply no big deal..who knows. I can’t STAND the political-polished-commercial machine agents most F1 drivers are contractually forced into acting like. Its not real, its plastic and we all know it. This is what i love about both Kimi and Lewis, to name a couple…they simply will be themselves and give the finger in a way to some expectations and political correctness. Senna yelled, stormed out of meetings, and stories have Mike Hawthorne of years past getting into bar scuffles, stumble from tavern… Read more »

Alianora La Canta

Lying is pretty much assumed to happen, at least when concerning a typical driver (there are some drivers where their teams would be astonished if they caught them lying, or at least telling the sort of lies Lewis is accused of here). As for room-trashing… …Fernando Alonso did it at McLaren in 2007, and while McLaren wasn’t impressed, no other team seemed to regard that as an obstacle to hiring him. It’s a bit like 1970s/early 1980s rock stars – there’s a certain acceptance that some of them are not even close to virtuous people, but are forgiven if they… Read more »


Hi Prof, you’d like the drivers to speak their minds, as a fellow 50 year old F1 fan, I’d like drivers, team managers, engineers, and most of all the commentators and F1 journalists speak more about the incredible technology that is involved in F1, and how they develop the cars. Instead we get a constant superficial soap opera, that generally shows them all in a bad light.


What I love about Niki is that he says what he thinks – PR speak & corporate image be damned. I also love that he’s still a competitive racer through & through, he’s lost none of the fighting spirit he showed when he drove the cars himself. He puts a human face on the sport & on ugly driver actions that everyone else wants to cover up & gloss over. And yes it must be frustrating for Toto, because he has no way to stop Niki from speaking his mind. Niki holds shares in the team, and he’s a legend… Read more »

Dennis Tirch

NC, I feel frustrated when you refer to Lewis’ fan base nearly each week as the “#TeamLH mobocracy.” and use terms like “that’s how they roll.” You are routinely dismissive of his supporters’ perspective, and I am among them. Rhetorically, this is a straw man argument, and it really is quite unfair and far from the civility and decorum that you clearly value. Lewis has deliberately connected with a community of supporters, and while many on the internet holding any position may communicate their views in crude ways, it is unfair to dismiss the many thousands of Lewis supporters summarily… Read more »


If i may, just interject a thought because i really do value your perspectives Dennis, and as a die-hard LH fan, understand completely. NC doesn’t need me in anyway shape or form to speak about anything, but I can say that in knowing him and sharing some live fan podcasts i know his heart for F1, and it would be difficult to find anyone more balanced, fair and rabid for this sport. Once we talked about, on Twitter especially, if NC even HINTED at anything that could be presumed anti-Lewis he had hellstorms of tweets we never know about from… Read more »

Dennis Tirch

Well, this is a very good point, and I originally logged on to delete my earlier post. I think I failed a bit in taking the perspective of NC, so apologies for that to our tireless host. I don’t know the whole story and the actual mob behavior that you have to endure, NC, so I offer my honest apologies. The interpersonal drama is part of what makes this sport so compelling, but the really passionate racing is the heart of the matter, and I understand that slavish devotion to one or another driver, and overzealous penalties for racing incidents… Read more »

Dennis Tirch

and also, I’d like to see Wherlein in that seat. . . .


Hi Dennis, I am a long standing F1 fan and I love the work they do at F1B. For my sins I am also a Lewis fan (he had the instant effect on me that many are currently getting from Verstappen). I know how hateful Social Media is and luckily not from first hand experience like others have to put up with. There are many (thousands) of frothing at the mouth Lewis fans and for NC I bet it grinds him down but please F1B don’t forget that there are Hamilton fans who are not part of a mob. Sometimes… Read more »


There is some valid criticism here, NC you do seem to be singling LH out here for his large fan base, and high activity on social media. But we also criticize F1 for not doing the very thing LH is doing.

As for the loyal fan basebase, this isn’t really any different from WestHam fans who saw a penalty when noone else did, or Patriots fans who cheer the 2001 superbowl win whilst the Raiders fans scream Tuck RuleRule.


James hunt did this and we loved him for it. Common sense says boot Nico “Ex Williams” Rosberg to career death at ferrari after he fails again this year, hire Wehrlein (sp?) or Hulkenburg to be your new barrichello. This one keeps running into Schumi.

Lewis hamilton lewis hamilton theres no stopping him.

Meine Postma

Nico sure tries to stop him :-)

Hamilton is no Schumacher though, well no Schumacher I anyway, that version of Schumi only lived for winning in formula 1. That cannot be said about Hamilton.

And also as a side note: Barrichello sued Google because if you searched for “Number 2” you got Barrichello.


he shouldn’t have used the word “lied”, it is like making the word to stick with him. He didn’t lied, he said what is best suited for that situation before the jurno. obviously he was unhappy everybody knows that.
Note : I am not Ham fan, still I think Niki went too far.


Do we know if those are Lauda’s actual words or a translation? As we know journalists aren’t above ensuring ‘quotes’ have the most sensational interpretation.


It was discussed on Reddit, and some German speakers said he was actually more forthright & blunt than is shown in the translation.


Okiedokie, in that case it looks like Nikki was throwing the Hamster under the bus.


Except he’s now come out & said that he was taken out of context, that Lewis did not lie and did not trash a room. I don’t know what to believe anymore ;)

Meine Postma

If I read the article correctly Niki stated Lewis was saying to him “Do not come in, I’m gonna trash the room.”. Later lewis let Niki in. Nothing was said about the state of the room at that time.

In the english press it became “Lewis trashed the room.”

Malunda Wanda

Why would anyone even contemplate firing Niki? For talking about what goes on in any given Championship fight? Niki won some & the process may be replicated here for him to appreciate the pressures & ways of copying. Whether an office is trashed or not, lifting the Championship is what counts.


Lewis is trying so hard to be “edgy” and “badass” its painful to watch.

Christian Collis

He he! Love it. LH probably left the minibar open and ate some cashews!


Niki’s prowess as a racing driver gives him no right to discuss another person in public like that unless the rant is substantiated with proof. He has not done that and he should learn to keep his arrogant mouth shut and he should be ashamed of himself.
I believe even Mr. Kvyat learned that lesson.