Lauda on Ferrari’s woes


It wouldn’t be a standard enws week without the obligatory “news” quote from Niki Lauda…hence the name of our “Lauda Report” section. So Niki has sounded off ont he current Ferrari fiasco:

“In those days,” said Niki Lauda, who drove for Ferrari in the 1970s, “Ross, because he is English, was the ideal bridge between the Italians, with their spaghetti culture, and Schumacher, with his German efficiency.

“Now the Italians are running it all. Does it work? It could be chaos. That’s the problem,” he is quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

I recall the Midweek Motorsport guys suggesting that Italian leadership is the downfall of Ferrari and that it was only the leadership of the anglo-saxon group that brought success to the marque. Wow, that’s harsh. but is it true?

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