Lauda: Put Fisichella in the Ferrari

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lauda-70Like everyone else, the German language press seems at a loss as to who should drive for Ferrrari alongside Raikonnen. On Sunday, Bild was convinced it would be Fisichella, now Robert Kubica is their man of the (rather fleeting) moment.

One thing they do seem to agree on is that Luca Badoer is not long for F1. Hard to question that after qualifying and finishing last in two successive races, whilst his teammate secures a podium and a win.

Nikki Lauda, however, has his own clear opinion, that he’s shared with the Swiss Sonntagsblick newspaper:

Now Ferrari really needs to put Fisichella in that cockpit. They simply can’t afford to let Badoer be the laughing stock again (in Monza). And as Force India apparently are having financial difficulties, the Ferrari transfer fee would certainly help them out.

Poor Luca. All he wants is to drive a Ferrari in Italy. Despite all the speculation, and Badoer’s performance, it still seems possible that he might. Fisi hasn’t been forthcoming on the speculation, and as for Italian rumours about Robert Kubica, Dr. Mario Theissen dismissed them out of hand talking to Bild. (And BMW would never dare deceive, right?)

Strangely, it almost seems fitting for Ferrari to keep Luca in, masters – as they are – of the F1 record books. Has any team avoided last place on the grid for fifty years, only to start from the back (and finish there) three races on the trot? A record like that would be even safer than Schumi’s legacy!

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