Lauda Report: Niki says Put Schu on Pitwall

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Niki Lauda has come to the defense of 7-time World Champion Mcihael Schumacher. After taking a beating in the press for the last several days due to implications that suggested he made the botched call to fit Kimi’s F60 with full-wets too early in Malaysia; Niki Lauda has come to the forefront.

Former triple world champion Lauda, although scolding the team for making a wrong call last Sunday, now defends Schumacher.

He deflects the criticism to Ferrari, for leaving Schumacher’s actual role too ambiguous.

“If I was Ferrari I would have Michael on the pitwall,” said the Austrian, “and not half-way here and half-way there.

“He would be making decisions a hundred times better than some engineer. What would I say to Ferrari? ‘Use his experience! Put him up there!’ There is no-one better,” Lauda added.

I happen to agree with him…not to anyone’s surprise I am sure.


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