Le Mans update: All female team and no diesel Aston

Don’t plan on seeing (or hearing) an Aston Martin diesel anytime soon at Le Mans, team boss Dave Richards has said this week.

“I cannot envisage Aston Martin building a diesel sports car. We have been promised a more level playing field next year by the ACO [the race organiser] and we are seeking further assurances on that.

“Will we need to adopt hybrid technology in the future? We’d rather see a scenario where there is greater variety. If Aston Martin chooses to build a lighter car that is powered by petrol, then we’d like that to be accepted and reflected in the rules.”

Richards talked to the UK-based Autocar.

And those watching the GT1 class can pay attention to the Matech Ford GTs, one of which will be raced by the first all-female driver line-up in 20 years.

Natacha Gachnang recovered from her accident at Abu Dhabi and will be back at the wheel at the Le Mans, joining Cyndie Allemann and Rahel Frey. They will be forming the first full female line-up at the 24 Hours since 1991.

The other Matech Ford GT will feature Romain Grosjean and Thomas Mutsch, the team’s regular FIA GT drivers, and Jonathan Hirschi. The Matech Fords finished second and third in the LMGT1 category at the Spa 1000kms, so the Fords come to Le Mans with great expectations.

I had expected to see that car being driven by Grace, Vick and Laura. Maybe next year.

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