Le Mans update: Win tickets for 2011 race

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Le Mans, along with Michelin, this week released a virtual game based on the greatest endurance race of them all. And the winner gets to go to the 2011 Le Mans event — the real one, as they so helpfully point out.

Here’s the presser:

Michelin and Automobile Club de l’Ouest have teamed up to launch the first online strategy game based on the celebrated 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race. In June 2010, participants will have the opportunity to make history by winning the first running of 24 Hours of Le Mans, the virtual race.

The idea to create a virtual race came from Michelin, which then contracted with ManyPlayers (creator of VirtualRegatta and VirtualRally) to develop the game based on real data – such as tire performance, race strategy and lap times – recorded at the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2009.

The result is a multi-player online strategy game in which anyone can take part as a team manager. Team managers choose their drivers, configure their car (open or closed prototype, color, number) and develop their strategy (aerodynamic features, choice of tires, number of stints and pit stops, etc.).

While players will be able to define their strategies in advance, they also need to stay focused during the race so that they can respond to changes in race parameters (drivers, tires, interventions of the safety car, etc.) as well as weather conditions at the Circuit de la Sarthe, provided in real time by France’s National Weather Service.

Several classifications will be compiled, including the overall ranking and the MICHELIN GREEN X Challenge, which rewards the car with the greatest fuel-efficiency compared with its average speed. The winner of the first running of 24 Hours of Le Mans, the virtual race will be invited to attend the real event in 2011 alongside Michelin teams.

The game is available in two languages (French and English), free of charge (although certain options must be paid for) and doesn’t require any downloads. It will go online one week before the race so that players can become familiar with the interface and take part in the qualifying rounds. The start of the main event of 24 Hours of Le Mans, the virtual race will take place at the same time and under the same weather conditions as the real race. It will also be possible to experience the race for the six days following the event.

The game will be accessible on the 24 Hours of Le Mans website (www.lemans.org) as well as on various Michelin Group websites (www.michelin.com, wwww.lemanslive.com, www.viamichelin.com, wwww.greenracing.com).

I know there are some skilled strategy racers among the F1B community. Just promise if you win you’ll send us photos.


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